Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Auckland

Matt, Sam and I have just returned this afternoon from a weekend of craziness in Auckland city, North Island. Played a fucken sweet show on Sunday night at Whammy/Wine Cellar with 17 other bands. My highlights of the night being Kitsunegari and The Debutantes, two bangin' bands looking forward to seeing in Christchurch sometime this decade. Thanks Eddie Vedder from Dictaphone Blues for helping us with a last minute version of The Gordon's Adults and Children on vocals, he sounded just like Al Park, uncanny. Here is the Gordon's version, which also happens to be one of the finest music videos ever produced, and the most cost effective by the looks of it....

T54 also happened to overload the PA twice, sorry about that. Another piece of damage to the Whammy PA. I bailed pretty early after two nights of venturing into crazy territory with Al (thanks for letting me sleep on your couch the whole weekend buddy), so I missed the Street Chanting, which I think sounded interesting, especially because they were supposedly meant to be covering the Transistors' Caving In...
Apparently, from Matt, Sam went crazy 3 out of 4 of the nights up there... gutted I missed that too.

I acquired some old Pumpkins' singles I hadn't heard in years, some of those Bsides are astounding, a little less produced than some of the stuff from MCIS (which for the same reason, Pisces Iscariot is a brilliant set of songs). Here's one of my favourite SP Bsides, originally recorded for Siamese Dream under an early title I cannot remember right now which was again recorded for MCIS (this version) but didn't make the cut. I can't really see it fitting in either to be honest, but a rush released 1996 album of outtakes might have been more fitting...

Thank you so much to Stu for picking us up from the airport on Friday evening and feeding us and housing Matt and Sam for the weekend and thanks heaps to Andrew for driving us around on Sunday and putting on a fantastic show / scoring us an interview at BFM (thanks Pennie!) and COT.

Gad, will we survive these shakin' times?

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  1. Thanks for coming up to play the benefit show guys!